Q and A: Brian Stelter CNN Media Correspondant

Forward: Brian Stelter is the senior media correspondent at CNN. Mr. Stelter is also the host of CNN’s Reliable. Mr. Stelter is a former New York-Times reporter, and author of the New York-Times best seller; Top of the Morning.

Q and A:

Q: “What was your initial reaction to journalism’s merger with social media?”

A: “It’s mostly positive, slightly negative. Social media gives us new ways to interact with our audience.

Q: “How has your career benefited from social media?’

A: “Absolutely, social networking sites help me find sources, spot breaking news stories, trends, and talking with my audience.”

Q: “Who or what inspired you to become a journalist and what continues to inspire you?”

A: “I don’t know, I’ve wanted to be a journalist ever since I was a kid”

Q: What is your preferred method of social media, in regards to journalism and why?”

A: “Twitter is the most useful for my best, because lots of other reporters are on it.”

Q: “What has influenced your reporting the most?”

A: “I dunno, but I cover the media and there’s no shortage of stories to write about how the media is changing. That motivates me.”

Over the weekend I contacted Mr. Stelter about an assignment my classmates and I received in our journalism class; at Towson University, MD. The assignment involved engaging in a Q and A session with a professional journalist we could find on Twitter. We could contact them via phone, email or Twitter. Mr. Stelter was kind enough to answer my questions over a Twitter discussion. I deeply appreciate the valuable insight provided by Mr. Stelter.




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