Eco Friendly Tiger Town

A tiger is not at home unless it has a lush jungle to prowl in. Now mold a jungle into a second home for a pride of 22,000 tigers. One would hope for a clean, healthy environment that supports prosperity.

That is exactly the challenge that Rose Brusaferro has accepted as Towson University’s Graduate Assistant to Administration and General Services for Environmental Initiatives under Towson’s Department of Civic Engagement and Leadership. Rose has held the position for 9 months or since last August, 2014. The position compliments her environmental science major well.

Rose strives for excellence throughout the Department of Civic Engagement and Leadership. She advises the student groups that devote themselves to eco-friendly and sustainability programs. Rose coordinates environmentally focused events, but she has acknowledged that the environmental consciousness  could use a boost in community response. Rose believes their presence on campus and in the community must be noticed.

Despite Towson University’s reputation to “go green” staff and students seem to remain oblivious to exactly what eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives and organizations the campus has to offer. I asked Anna Hiser a resident of Barton House in Towson University’s West Village what she thought of Towson’s environmental consciousness.

Tiger Lillies

A Student Perspective: Anna Hiser:

A.Z. Please state your class standing and major?

A.H.Junior, Deaf Studies and English.”

A.Z. Are you aware of any environmental initiatives on Towson University’s campus?

A.H.Vaguely aware.”

A.Z. Do you recycle?

A.H. “Yes.”

A.Z. Are there any eco-friendly initiatives you would like to see employed on campus?

A.H. “Composting in the dining halls to keep food from being wasted.”

A.Z. Do you know who or what department facilitates Towson’s sustainability?

A.H. “Do not.”

A.Z. What do you think the Department of Civic Engagement and Leadership needs to do to make their presence on campus and in the community more prominent?

A.H. “Flyers, posters, send out an email from time to time.”

A.Z. Is that what you would do if you were their student coordinator?

A.H. “Yeah, probably, maybe organize an event.”

Rose was right to acknowledge that the Department of Civic Engagement and Leadership needs to put more effort into promoting their neat environmental initiatives. You can find the Department of Civic Engagement and Leadership on the second floor of the Administration building. It appears that students like Anna are to open to participating in eco-friendly projects on campus and in the community; they just need a better way to be informed.